5 Tips to Choose the Right Activewear for Your Workout.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Activewear for Your Workout.

Choosing the right activewear for your workout can make a huge difference in your performance and overall comfort while you're training. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know what to look for when choosing activewear. Which fabrics are best? How much compression should my leggings have? What should I do to take care of my activewear? In this post, we'll go over some points to consider when choosing your activewear. 

We also have interactive guides on our leggings and sports bra pages, which take into account some of the most important factors in choosing your activewear. This means you're able to see personalised recommendations for products that fit your own specific needs.

  1. Consider the Fabric:
    The fabric of your activewear is essential in determining its quality and effectiveness. Look for activewear made of moisture-wicking materials such as polyester or nylon blends to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout. Additionally, consider eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo or recycled polyester if you want to reduce your environmental impact.

  2. Choose the Right Fit:
    Activewear should fit snugly, but not too tight. When trying on activewear, make sure to move around and stretch to ensure that it doesn't restrict your movement. Look for activewear with stretchy fabrics such as spandex or elastane for added flexibility. If you're buying online, make sure you check the size chart to ensure you get the right fit. Reviews can also be helpful to determine your size when shopping online, as many reviewers will mention if a product runs small or large. The most important question to ask yourself here is, "Do I feel comfortable in these clothes?" If for whatever reason you don't, those workout clothes aren't the ones for you. Life is too short for uncomfortable clothes!

  3. Look for Breathability:
    Breathability is an essential factor to consider when choosing activewear, especially for high-intensity workouts. Look for activewear made from breathable fabrics like cotton and nylon blends. Features like mesh panels or perforations that allow air to circulate and keep you cool during your workout are also a plus here.

  4. Consider the Type of Workout:
    The type of workout you're doing can determine the type of activewear you need. For example, if you're doing yoga, look for activewear with a high waistband and a fitted design to stay in place during poses, and something with less compression to allow for maximum flexibility. If you're doing high-impact activities such as running or HIIT, look for activewear with a compression fit to provide added support, and a seamless design to reduce chaffing. If you're weightlifting, there's nothing worse than leggings that are only semi-squat proof on leg day, and as we all know, there are big differences between running shoes and lifting shoes. These are all things to think about when choosing your gym wear to make sure you're buying the right product for you.

  5. Embrace Your Style:
    Think about what you usually wear, and what clothes you feel best in. Do you like unique designs that stand out? Do you like bold colours, or neutral tones? Do you like wearing cropped shirts, or do you usually prefer baggy tees? Think about the type of clothing you feel most comfortable in, and then find a way to work that style into your workout wardrobe. 

By choosing activewear that meets your needs, you can stay comfortable, perform at your best, and feel confident during your workouts. Activewear is an important investment- we hope these tips help you find the right work out clothes for you!

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