Top 5 Podcasts to Elevate Your Hot Girl Walks.

Top 5 Podcasts to Elevate Your Hot Girl Walks.

Hot girl walks have become a beloved routine for many, combining the benefits of physical exercise with the opportunity for self-improvement and empowerment. Whether you’re strutting through the city streets or strolling through a park, the right podcast can turn your walk into a transformative experience. Here are our top five must-listen podcasts that will make your hot girl walks even hotter:

1. Self Obsessed by Tam Kaur
Perfect for: Self-Love and Personal Growth.

"Self-Obsessed’ simplifies the process of closing the gap between your current self and your desired self. Every episode is a straight-to-the-point carefully curated guide to help women everywhere fall in love with themselves. Each episode will provide actionable advice while navigating topics such as building confidence, embracing authenticity, setting boundaries, cultivating healthy relationships, and pursuing your passions."

2. The Glow Up Secrets by Elicia Goguen
Perfect for: Personal Growth and Healing.

"Join Elicia Goguen as she dives deep into the secrets she holds about the REAL glow up. Listen to her chat about self love, healing, relationships, women's wellness & more so that you can glow up into the BEST version of yourself."

    3. Not Alone by Valeria Lipovetsky
    Perfect for: Mental Health and Real-Life Conversations.

    "Hosted by Valeria Lipovetsky, this space is dedicated to revealing the raw, often unspoken challenges faced by women from all walks of life. Each episode invites you to listen to heartfelt conversations with inspiring guests who open up about their personal battles, breakthroughs, and the lessons learned along the way."

      4. Expanded by To Be Magnetic
      Perfect for: Manifestation and Mindset Shifts.

      While Expanded ranks as one of the best spiritual podcasts, our focus is really on the science and psychology behind manifestation. Our goal is to normalize the practice of manifestation and empower you to get into the driver's seat of your life in order to manifest the experiences, relationships, and things that most align with your authenticity."

        5. Kalyn's Coffee Talk by Kalyn Nicholson
        Perfect for: Lifestyle and Self-Improvement.

        "An uplifting podcast that is perfect to start your morning with, keep you company in the night, or wind down your afternoon to. Consisting of deep conversations covering everything from wellness, spirituality, mental health and learning, to thriving and living free from self-judgment. Whatever you're seeking, this show encourages you to embrace your own sense of self-study and never stop learning."

        Whether you're looking to boost your self-confidence, focus on personal growth, support your mental health, manifest your dreams, or simply enjoy a thoughtful conversation, these podcasts have got you covered. Add them to your playlist and transform your hot girl walks into powerful sessions of self-discovery and empowerment.

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